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Saturday, 2 March 2013

One Mans Experience With Broadband 4 Spain

Having recommended BB4S in the past both here and on other forums, my OH and I are both flabbergasted and stunned by something that happened yesterday. I know many of your readers are well aware of BB4S’s lack of customer service but this takes the cake. We have been clients of theirs since we first arrived in Cómpeta four years ago and have always been more than happy with the quality of the service, I.e. Internet and telephone, but have always been less happy when dealing with their so-called customer service, for some reason if you ever report a fault they seem incapable of getting back to you with any information as to what the problem may be and what, if anything, they are doing about it. This means you end up calling again at least once or twice in desperation. But, in spite of all this, we have always recommended their service to anyone who’s asked.
After the storm on Thursday morning, we awoke to no Internet or phone and being a holiday couldn‘t get anyone at the office so we text their mobile number to say we had a problem. I was asked to call the office on Friday for assistance . Well below are are the texts backwards and forwards and I certainly don't think I was rude or offensive in any way shape or form.
10h08 - Me: I still can’t get through to your office and I still have no phone or Internet since yesterday morning. Please can you help and book a service call if I need one. Please let me know what’s happening as I need Internet urgently. Thanks.
10h14 - BB4S: Engineers aware.
13h12 Me: Any news with connection?
13h35 - BB4S: We can see antenna is powered up but receiving no signal.
13h39 – Me: What does that mean I have to do?
13h40 - BB4S: Suspect antenna damaged by lightning.
13h42 - Me: So what do I need to do I need it fixed urgently?
13h47 - Me: Your office number seems to have same problem as it sounds exactly like mine. So is it a main antenna or what. And is someone working on the problem?
13h48 - BB4S: Problem with the antenna at your home.
13h50 - Me: So is someone coming to fix it and what’s wrong with your phone please?
13h54 - BB4S: 10 000 phones off  in Malaga exchange fail
14h01 - Me: All I want to know is when someone will be out to fix my phone and Internet. Please.
14h03 - BB4S: Tuesday
14h08 - Me: Are you serious what about today, tomorrow or Monday. I will be without service for 5 days, 6 if you count Tuesday. Not very happy with this service. Why was I not told this this morning when I keep asking.
14h17 -BB4S: Call 952550943
I phoned the number and spoke to someone I assumed to be Nick the owner (although I could be mistaken). He then told me that as we live in a “high lightning area” they’d be “calling it a day” as no one was keen to go up the pole to the antenna . I said that I could appreciate that but then it wasn’t me that put it up there in the first place, it was them when they undertook a contract with me, and IF that was the case they should have, and could have, told me months ago that it was a problem for them and that I would need to find an alternative supplier before abruptly cutting me off  IMMEDIATELY AND WITHOUT ANY NOTICE.
Beware the unprofessional behaviour of this company. Kim & Julie

Editors comment on the above

Kim & Julie's saga continues if you click the above link but I think the affect the storm had on the internet infrastructure in our area was experienced by most Internet Suppliers and to be fair to BB4Spain they were probably snowed under with similar problems to yours. My provider, TeleCPU also had a problem but when I spoke to their technician, Kim he assured me he was onto the problem. When I rang him after lunch he was tearing his hair out. Having fixed his system the power needed to be reset and because it was a national holiday no one was available or prepared to come out from the electricity company to switch it back on again. Eventually by 6.00 pm we were back up and running again as he had pursuaded a lady to forgo an hour of her holiday to throw the switch. The one difference between my experience and Kim & Julie's is that I was kept informed of the real nature of the problem and my supplier fully accepted it was in his hands to resolve it.

I hope we receive an explanation from BB4Spain to put their side of the story because their is always another view seen from the other side. Dep Ed. Derek